AS Roma 5-0 Bologna

Coach Garcia reacts:

“The first half hour was perfect? In football there’s no such thing as a perfect team. There’s always something you can improve. The credit goes to the boys who played their hearts out. We have a variety of talent at our disposal and tonight’s game was proof of that.

“The objective remains that of getting back to Europe. Then we can aim to try and be in the running on the final stretch against favorites like Napoli and Juventus, who are only two points behind us.

“Gervinho? He needs to have confidence. He’s very good because he manages to create so many chances for himself. He had a strong game tonight. He can improve, obviously, but now he’s more experienced than when I coached him in France. He has a good team around him and is happy to be playing alongside Totti and his team-mates. It’s easier for him to take the field next to such talented players.

“There were three games this week, and that’s never easy to face. I believe we’re doing well from a physical standpoint and it’s easier to recover when you win.

“What are my instructions for Totti? He’s very good with the ball at his feet so he always has to go looking for it. We have a lot of players who are good at getting into space and we have to take advantage of his ability to set up goals.

“Could we play with a stronger attack? It’s not like we have only three forwards. Ljajic came on and scored. And Borriello is looking sharp too. Marquinho can play up there, and I’m also hoping some youngsters like Caprari and Ricci can help us out in the future.

“Why do we hose down the field before kick-off? The turf is still new and quite hard.”