Arsenal win second straight

Arsenal 3-0 Watford. Second consecutive clean sheet for Arsenal and second victory in less than a week. Arsenal have not much left to play in the Premier Leaguer and the fans know it as they had timidly came to the Emirates stadium in low numbers. 

Coach Arsene Wenger catches a break and look ahead hoping to be done with the negative performances:

“I thought we had a very good first half. I regret that we couldn’t take our chances and after that, in the second half, we suffered a bit because Watford put us under pressure. But we dealt well with the set-pieces. After that we stuck together and could take advantage of the weak moments they had defensively.

In the end it was a convincing win. Of course, it highlights what Petr Cech has done with 200 clean sheets in his career. That is remarkable. On top of that, he saved a penalty today, that having just seen it again, was a very generous one.

It was an open game, basically. In Milan we moved the ball very quick and today we did again, but today we lost our legs a bit in the second half. A few bad passes came in then, when we lacked a little bit of freshness in the second half.

I made six changes. I wanted to preserve some players, like Koscielny, who has a little calf problem. With Ramsey I was cautious. Wilshere had given a lot on Thursday night, we had a very physical game on Thursday night. But I wanted absolutely to win this game and it was difficult, but overall, it gets us a little bit out of that negative spiral that we were in.

Fans did not show up 

I want our fans to be behind the team and be happy. But after what happened in that week, it’s a bit understandable. We are in a job where we have to get the fans on our side and do absolutely everything to do it, to achieve it. That’s what we want to do.
On top of that, yes, to get that clean sheet. I believe that in two weeks, his situation shows how football is. In one week he went from hell to heaven. That’s how life can be.”