Premier League: Arsenal 5-1 Everton

Arsenal put away a weak opponent in lee than 20 minutes when the score was 3-0. Aubameyang scored his first goal with his new team and Mkhitaryan delivered the assist.

Aaron Ramsey celebrated the first hat-trick of his career. It was a perfect rainy afternoon for the Gunners who won’t give that easily on Champions League fight. 

Coach Wegner enjoyed the game and shares his opinion on the two new recruits: 

on Aubameyang’s debut…
“I think that the quality of his movement was excellent, the quality of his finishing was excellent. But he is not completely at his best physically. He still has some work to do physically. Overall I believe that for that quality of striker is, on today’s market, a reasonable price.

He looks always to give a problem to the defenders by his movement. I feel that once he is in front of you, it is very difficult to catch him back. I liked the quality of his movement, I must say. He is always looking to go in to spaces and it is very difficult for defenders to cover. When we know him better and understand him better, I think he will be more dangerous”.

on Mkhitaryan’s home debut…
“He is a good link player and he works very hard as well, you know. Overall, I think he looked well-accepted by the rest of the team and was understanding very well how we want to play.

Our challenge, I think, is to find the balance. We are a very offensive team, we want to play that kind of football, but we have to find the balance between attacking and defending and that will certainly be our challenge between now and the end of the season.”