After the home loss to Monaco in Champions League on Wednesday 3-1; Wenger and his squad must find answers to bounce back in the Premier League. Everton is coming next on Sunday to Emirates stadium and here is the preview:

Arsenal coach, Arsene Wenger:

“We are on a good run and on the night everything went against us. Were we responsible for it? Certainly for a part of it but I believe overall the good run has to be dominant and we have come back in a great position in the league and we want to stabilise that position.”

“All the circumstances went against us against Monaco. We lost our heads a little bit when things went against us. We lost patience too quickly, we lost security too quickly and we lost discipline too quickly.

“When things go everybody wants to put it right but then you lose the team discipline. We knew before the game that this was a [tie] which lasts 180 minutes and if it goes wrong in a part of it, you still have to keep your discipline and that’s where it went wrong.

“We will analyse it in an objective way and respond as a team. The only way for success is to respond to disappointment as a team, work for each other and fight for each other in the next game. We are not out of it people forget that. We have to play well in the next game.”

On Everton:

“There’s no obvious reason why Everton have struggled in the Premier League. They have a similar personnel and they were in a strong position last season until four or five games before the end.

“They are a team who has quality, who play good football and are a threat to everybody. They lost 1-0 at Chelsea but they could as well have won the game.”