Premier League fixture 3: Watford 1-3 Arsenal

Arsenal won their first game of the season after two unsuccessful tries to start of thanks to a strong showing in the first half. The Gunners led 3-0 at the break and were able to control the tempo in the second half.

Coach Wenger reacts on the first win and hop for consistency now:

I think overall the performance was a strong one. Very fluent and a massive first half. We were 3-0 up at half-time and in the second half we still created many chances but we missed something in the final ball, like we did at Leicester. We are not capable in the end to maintain completely for 90 minutes exactly the same intensity physically, but overall it’s a very encouraging performance and a good win.

on the end of the game…
Watford went absolutely for it because we couldn’t score the fourth goal and because we dropped physically and I think that we win games here but they are physically very strong, very determined. For us it’s always a tricky game. They are just over the fences [at the training ground] and against us they are always really up for it.

on the international break…
The Euros lasted longer than before, it lasts four weeks, so I believe we paid a heavy price in our first game. [Muffled noise – indecipherable] negative did not have the players back at home and now Mesut is nearly there, not completely but he just goes again so for us the break is not welcome.

on Mustafi and Perez transfers:
I think they should go through, both of them. They had medicals. We have to finish the paperwork and I don’t know exactly when we will announce it but look, I think it could be announced at the beginning of the week.