Arsenal in danger of losing 6th place

Newcastle 2-1 Arsenal. Arsenal show no interest in the Premier League losing in northern England. The Gunners are 33 points behind champions Man City.

Clearly Arsenal are all-in on the Europa League where they will face the favorites, Atlético Madrid, in the semifinals. With Burnley winning Arsenal only have two points to keep the 6th place with 4 more games to play.  

Coach Wenger comments on another road loss in the League:

“There’s a difference between the performance and the result because I felt we played very well in the first half especially and should have put the game to bed. In the second half I felt the team played with a good spirit but you could see that some players had played on Thursday night, especially late in the game.

That is a little bit subconscious and psychological as [Europe] is a different competition, the history is not the same weight and that shows you how difficult the game is because the rationality is not always there, but certainly in our minds it plays a part.”