Sunderland-Arsenal – another game to win for the Gunners

Following the win against WBA 2-0, Arsenal coach, Arsene Wenger comments on the importance to finish in the top 3 to be qualified directly to thinnest Champions League.

“It’s difficult because you can play teams who are in the middle of a championship because they have started already in June,” he explained. “But for us, we don’t know where we will finish. We are not guaranteed the top four and we have to fight for that. Manchester United are behind us and they will fight for it as well.

We have difficult games, they have difficult games as well. What has changed over the years is that the impact of the finances in the Champions League is not as big anymore. It was vital for us for a period. The supporter impact, the planning of next season changes completely, especially when you have a big tournament like the European Championship, which is now like a World Cup because it starts on June 10 and finishes on July 10. When you have to play qualifiers the European Championship is still going on.”