Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool (5-4)

Arsenal claims first trophy of the 2020 season with Community Shield victory over Liverpool. The Community Shield opposes the Premier League champions against the FA Cup winner. 


Arsenal’s best player last season stayed at the club and he is already in great form. The striker was first on the scoreboard before the first quarter of the game to give his team the lead against the top-flight’s champions

Liverpool fought back in this game and got the equalizer in the last 20 minutes. No more goals were to be scored at the end of regular time.  The decision will be made on the penalty spot. At this game Arsenal prevailed over Liverpool and win the 2020 edition at Wembley stadium.


Arsenal – coach Arteta:

“We had some challenges and some players who only had one training session for a final after the holidays. But I kept pushing them, I kept demanding and they kept responding,” he told Arsenal Digital.

“They are willing to do more. I’m really happy with how they competed in the game. They showed course to play against this team with no fear. They really went for it and it’s nice to win it on penalties too.

“There are never any excuses. We had to compete in this game and we came here in these circumstances, but the players were willing to put their bodies on the line and to play against this opponent with the way that we did today. Credit to the boys.

We had them for three or four days and now they will go back again,”

Liverpool – coach Klopp:

“We didn’t win the game – we didn’t lose it, but we lost the competition obviously because of a penalty shootout. And because we conceded a goal from Aubameyang and didn’t use our chances, then the game is open. We scored late, which was not a problem but we could have scored earlier, that would have helped.

We have 38 Premier League games in a four-week-shorter season, that says it all. All the other competitions will be pretty much the same as far as I know, so that means that these things will help.”