Premier League week 34

Every point will count as the Premier League season comes to an end. With 5 games left in hands, Arsenal can reach the Champions League by winning all of them. On paper it could be hard but in reality it is very feasible judging from the schedule ahead for the Gunners. 

The home games look very winnable and the fate of Arsenal will likely be played at Leicester City and Wolverhampton two teams finding for Europa League contention behind the top 6 teams in the League. points will have to be taken away from home where Arsenal have struggled this season. The show continues…

Coach Emery on the big win at Watford 1-0:

“Our goal gave us the advantage in the first half and after the red card also. It helped us to take more control of the game, but we didn’t do all we wanted to do. But we can be happy with the result, because playing here is very difficult. 

We didn’t control like I wanted to control the match. We are thinking and I was thinking to play with three centre backs to be enough for our build-up and use one player more in the middle.

he three points is I think the most important thing today but also, I think we worked well being consistent in our structure, defending their long balls and set-pieces. Here they are a very strong team at doing that. After, with the ball I wanted to do better, I wanted to control better with the possession of the ball and with one player more on the pitch.

We didn’t do that, but in some attacking moments for us, we took chances to score the second goal and didn’t score. We needed to defend in the last minutes, very close with everybody to their good action in the long balls, and the second action to be good in defensive moments.”