Real Madrid 0-1 Atletico Madrid

Barcelona and Atletico are 5 points clear (21) ahead of real (16). 

Real manager’s Ancelotti

“We conceded the goal at the start, the match became complicated and we lost confidence. The start of the season has been good and we’ve been playing well, but in the last two matches have been bad. We have to fix it with a better attitude, more concentration and with clearer ideas. The moment we’re going through is not easy and losing a home match is not good. We have to think about fixing the problem quickly. When the ball arrives up front, we do not have space to find a positive solution. Against well-organised defences, if you play slow, it is harder”.

“I think we have to continue with the work we are doing, trying to play more with the ball on the ground. We were doing well until last week and I am not going to change things now. We have won the other matches and drawn against Villarreal, and started well in the Champions League. It is true that we are five points behind, but the league season is long and we have time to cut the gap. The players are good for this system and I am confident that we will improve. The team has a lot of quality. We need to improve the attitude and confidence that we have lost a little in the last two matches”.