BPL week 8: Manchester City 6-1 Newcastle United

Aguero scored 5 goals in 20 minutes only couple weeks after Lewandowski did the same with Bayern in 9 minutes. Augur set the fastest quintuple in the history of the Premier League and is the man of the week of Manchester City after scoring the winning goal in Champions League during the week. 

Coach Pellegrini hails the magnificent performance of the Argentinean forward:

“I’m happy for Kun, he deserves it. He makes the difference. In the last game he missed chances but he was calm and that was key. To see him play at the level he played at today… not only he must be happy but all the fans. He’s a different player. 

He had treatment at half time, and to give him more minutes he could have scored but we must be cautious about his fitness, because he could be injured. It’s always amazing to see a player score five goals, the important thing is that Kun did it today in a difficult game when we were 1-0 down.

He knows playuing the way we play, and with his quality he will score. For me it was very important to have this style of play, that we will continue always. Our fans pay their ticket and they want to see the team play this way.

Last season Kun finished the season without any problem. He is doing a different preparation, so I’m not worried about injuries, you can be injured by kicks of course but muscle injuries he should not have any more.”

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