Recently, Watford F.C. was bogged down by quite a number of setbacks. So when their winter break is finally over and they hop straight back into action, Nigel Pearson, the club’s manager, wishes to see them prepared and ready to tackle whatever challenges lie ahead.

What’s done is done – as long as they can recover

Saturday’s match involving Brighton and Hove Albion resulted in a draw. Clearly, they could have done better. So after a few days off, the manager wishes the team to return to their former glory.

Will Watford F.C. escape the relegation zone?

Their past accomplishments show they can certainly stand right back up after a fall, as demonstrated by bridging a nine point gap that separated them from a position of safety. But the way they performed as of late has led them gazing into the eyes of the relegation zone. The solution? If you ask Pearson, a couple of days off is all they need to recover and show what they’re truly made of. With the 12 matches that are still left to be played in the ongoing season, they will need all the preparations they can get.

It seems like the plan is letting the team rejuvenate their strengths

For the time being, Pearson will let them recharge their batteries and regain their focus, thus making them ready for whatever is to come. The way he views it, setbacks are a part of the game and it’s something that you need to learn how to deal with. Giving it your best while in the heat of the game is the only thing that matters in the end. And if your focus is where it should be, you’re giving yourself the best shot at accomplishing that. It will also allow you to adapt to the game as it’s needed, whether it be the willingness to attack or take a more defensive approach.

The unfortunate own goal that led to a draw

So what happened on Saturday? The draw was the unexpected outcome that came to be because of Adrian Mariappa’s own goal. Yikes! But this is only one of the examples that showcase how their form has not been in tip top shape recently. Their matches against Aston Villa and Everton had more than a couple of noticeable mistakes in them.

Despite the recent setbacks, the team has a strong core

Despite everything that has transpired, Pearson is a firm believer they can escape the relegation zone. Mistakes are mistakes, there’s no denying it. But if we take a closer look at how the team functions as a whole, the core looks solid. In both the defending as well as the attacking category, Watford F.C. seems to hold it together and displaying all the signs of having the right attitude.

The team’s well-adjusted attitude should pave the way forward

Moreover, the players know how to apply themselves well and Pearson is pleased with how capable they are to tackle the challenges at hand. As the future draws near, that should be more than enough to secure a better position on the ladder, with setbacks or not. In the end, everything begins in the mind, and the team’s attitude, focus, and motivation all seem to be in the right place.

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