By Mark Vincent Lincir

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It would be easy to pick one of the previous winners to take this year’s World Cup. Predicting Brazil to win it all isn’t an example of putting it all on the line…though they’ll come close, they won’t win it all. Announcing France as the new World King would be an example of being just plain stupid. We haven’t heard from Uruguay in many, many years, and I’m sure they won’t go home with the crown this summer, though it is good to see them in the tournament.

Italy is too old, but will still have a good run into the late, late rounds, but won’t win it. Argentina will fall victim to Maradona’s lack of big-game experience and Germany will come very, very close…but go home empty-handed. Despite every Englishman’s claim that this could be the year of the Three Lions, it will not be. Suspect goalkeeping and a shaky back line will do them in before the semifinals.

This is the year that Spain takes it all. They’re too talented, too deep, too adaptable and smart, maybe even too good-looking. They do have it all. And they will win it. Xavi, David Villa, Fabregas…the list goes on and on and the last thing their opponents ever want them to do is to go to their bench where they arguably get better!

The Dutch will have another eventful summer, but their softness will catch up to them in the later rounds and they will still remain one of the most talented teams not to have won a World Cup. Portugal will get exposed defensively one too many times, though they are a treat to watch. And does Ronaldo’s ego really need a World Cup Title boost? The world says no.

Serbia has the talent and grit but will most likely do itself in during the knockout rounds and Ghana will miss Essien just a little too much to get out of the group phase. The hosts will advance to the second round (they always do) and leave Mexico crying all the way home with a first round exit.

The United States will play well against England and earn a point, but make a mess of things against opponents they aren’t familiar with in Slovenia and Algeria. Despite Coach Bob Bradley’s inexperience on the world stage the U.S. will advance to the second round.

The best team in the world will win this year’s World Cup and Spain will finally put an end to the lock that the significant seven have had on things for many years. That’s certainly not a knock on those seven, their accomplishments are obviously not easy to replicate.

But in a year that it would be far too easy to say that a previous champion will hold the Cup again, I say that their will be a new Champion come July 11th. A team that is so loaded with talent it makes you wish you could play their type of football for just one day.

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South Africa 2     Mexico 1

France 1       Uruguay 1

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  1. France will win 2-1 and Mexico will tie 1-1 my predictions. The hierarchy will be respected in this group. SA lacks quality, Uruguay and Mexico will fight and France has to emerge as a big nation this year. Nobody expects them.. they play with no pressure


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