By Milos Kosic

Serbia coach Radomir Antic received a four-game ban from FIFA, a news that will have a significant influence on the team’s chances of qualifying for the Euro Cup. After the game Australia – Serbia, Antic verbally attacked referee Jorge Larrionda for denying Serbia a late penalty that could have helped the team to progress into the second round.

Feeling that the punishment was too harsh, The Football Association of Serbia appealed today against FIFA’s decision, but considering that Antic admitted to the Serbian media that he had cursed Larrionda in Spanish, it is very likely that FIFA officials will not change their minds.

In Antic’s response to the four game ban, the coach stated that FIFA’s punishment is a direct attack not only at him, but at Serbian soccer too. He said that the final score of the match was a result of Larrionda’s wrong decisions. In Antic’s opinion, it is unusual that some countries receive an apology from FIFA for bad referring (Mexico and England) while others get punished.

This was not the only controversial decision that Larrionda made during the World Cup. He was sent home by FIFA after denying England a clear goal in the second round match against Germany.

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