Champions League day 5

Napoli, Liverpool and Paris Saint-Germain are battling for the top spot in the group. One of the three teams will continue the European season in the Europa League. Paris Saint Germain got the job done by beating Liverpool 2-1.

Napoli dominated Red Star 3-1 and and the group after the last game at Liverpool. The Reds will be under pressure but can still qualify in different case scenario. If Red Star beat PSG, Liverpool will qualify with a win against Napoli. If PSG draw or win at Red Star, Liverpool will need to win by at least two goals to move onto the Round of 16. 

A exciting European night ahead at Anfield

Liverpool will have the chance to qualify when they host Napoli for the last match day of the Champions League group stage. 

Liverpool coach Klopp react on the loss:

“It was a very important game for us and it was clear the start would be like the start was, especially when you saw their line-up. The approach they chose was full-risk, especially in the beginning – try everything as long as your legs carry you. With the quality they have it was quite intense to deal with.

They took the risk in these situations and then with the speed they have, it is not really to defend. But we did in the first moment, but in the second ball again they got it and could score. I always felt this game was still open so if we score one then we were in the game again. We did that, 45th minute, after somebody had to convince the ref [it was a penalty] and then it was clear.

There were a lot of spaces we saw from outside but it was not that clear on the pitch for the boys. We showed them in half-time, but unfortunately – because it’s football – they adapted as well and closed the last line in the centre, which was open unbelievably wide in the first half. We didn’t use it and then in second half when we wanted to use it, it was not open anymore – that’s football, use the chance when you have it. Still, we were in the game.

Napoli will be the final test

We need Anfield again, we need to create an atmosphere which is pretty special. But Napoli is a really strong side and they played well here, they played against us really well. OK, we were not that good that night, but they played really good. But it’s in 13 days, December 11, so we have a few other games before that. We have to make a special night of it, 100 per cent, if we want to go through. If we do that and win it then we deserve it, if we don’t then we don’t deserve it, that’s how it is. 

PSG coach Tuchel on the must-win:

“This was the opportunity to show that we could match it with a team like Liverpool. This team has an incredible mentality so it was important to show that we are capable of playing good football and fighting.

That’s what we were waiting for and that’s what we did. We played with a lot of energy, we worked hard as a team with a great attitude. We won a high-intensity and very important match.”