I did what they tell you to do…I packed my bag, then I took out half and packed again.

Then I took the clothes I pullled out and packed it all back in…I’m going prepared baby!

Heading over to London tonight and will be there for 14 days and 6 games! Plenty of sight-seeing and soccer/football. I’m going to call it football from here on out. And I do love the term “footballer.”

Lincir is such an exquisite footballer…he tackles hard, is good in the air, has great vision and the touch of a baby rhino.

The trip is packed with great games.  I’m going to surprise you with them as we go so you have to keep tuning in! But you won’t want to miss the next two weeks. I might be four years older than I was when I headed to the last World Cup…but it’s been 17 years since I’ve been to England and I am ready to live it up.

Back to the packing thing…I was tempted to go backpack only. A few undergarments, tshirt, jacket and jeans…but I wimped out. We’ve got some VIP pregame meals scheduled…so I’ll have to look my best (think Brad Pitt, but that plays a mean left back).

MLS opening weekend had some interesting notes…San Jose still sucks (0-3 home loss to RSL)…DC United might not ever get back to what they used to be (0-4 away loss to KC). The Galaxy beat an awful Revolution squad (1-0 at HDC)…the Red Bulls have won two games at their new digs in the last ten days! (3-1 Santos Friendly and 1-0 over Fire Sat night!!!)…Houston somehow split points with Dallas (Houston will not be the same with the loss of Holden and Clark)…

Chivas USA lost to Colorado on Friday night 1-0…and Martin Vasquez cannot be happy with that home loss in his opener and Preki couldn’t muster up enough magic as his boys lost to the Crew 2-0 in Columbus.

Stay tuned…I’ll be in London in 24 hours and will get back to you then with more words and plenty of pics!

-Mark Vincent Lincir

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