team building for soccer players


Being a winning team does not begin and end on the field, court, etc. Getting to know your teammates and coaches is going to strengthen your ability to work with them in and out of the game. This aspect of team building can be extremely fun and diverse. Consider the following ideas to build a better relationship with your team. 

1. Escape Room

Escape Rooms are both fun and challenging. Knowing your team’s strengths and weaknesses can help your overall team strategy and a team-building exercise like an escape room give your team the opportunity to learn what skills your teammate may excel at or areas that they are completely lost. An extended activity like an escape room in Salt Lake City takes away the potential stress of your athletics while still getting to know your teammates in a setting that requires both mental and physical effort. 

2. Weekend Getaway

Taking away stress and allowing your team to interact in an unstructured environment can build genuine relationships. Taking time to go on a weekend getaway to the beach, mountains, or local attraction is a great way for your team to unwind while also letting them interact in a relaxed setting. When people relax, they tend to expose aspects of their personality they typically keep to themselves or show only around their close friends. Creating these connections can help build intuitive understanding between teammates while working at their designated sport. 

3. Ropes Course

A classic in the team-building world, ropes courses can be a great way to get active and lose inhibitions. Getting silly while working with others can help build connections that otherwise would not happen when the pressure is always on. Ropes courses include zip lines, activities, and exercises that are used to create a reliance on your teammates but also identify natural tendencies in your teammates’ personalities. A ropes course can help identify leaders that can motivate their fellow teammates. It can be useful to know where people naturally excel when building a winning team. 

4. Games

The possibilities are endless when considering games that can build a better team. Consider breaking your team into smaller groups and hold different kinds of relay races. You can do a three-legged race, wheelbarrow race, or simple obstacle course. This both acts as conditioning but also gets people laughing and working together. Other variations include having to race while carrying different objects or if your sport includes a ball, you can utilize that ball. You can have partners carry the chosen item hip to hip, shoulder to shoulder, or even forehead to forehead. You can also have a traditional game night where your team can play board games or cards together. Also, consider doing a scavenger hunt on or off the field or practice different skills pertaining to your sport but utilizing different, unusual items. Try replacing a baseball or soccer ball with water balloons or balloons filled with shaving cream. Whatever you choose, staying active is a great way to keep up your fitness levels while having fun with your teammates. Consider health and fitness products philippines or wherever you’re located for more fitness tips.

5. Family Potluck

There is nothing like a good old family potluck. Have your teammates bring their significant others, friends, and children to an indoor or outdoor party where everyone brings a dish. You can even create a theme like tacos, Italian food, or even have each teammate bring a dish that holds some sort of significance for them. It can be an all-day event where you incorporate different games for those that attend. To truly get to know your team, you can get to know the people in their life that they already hold dear. Your team, to truly succeed, should be a family as well as a well-oiled machine, so meeting their loved ones brings you one step closer to building a team that can interact intuitively on and off the field. 


Team building gives you and your teammates the time and ability to get to know each other better and build a deeper connection. This connection lends itself to working better together. Whether the activity has anything to do with skill-building, as long as you have fun and interact positively, your team should benefit from it.