Schooling can provide copious amounts of stress to daily life. As a student, the workload may seem overwhelming. It’s important to remember to set aside some time each day for an activity that reduces your stress and anxiety to help you better focus on your schoolwork. Perhaps you dream of becoming a professional soccer player, or maybe you just enjoy watching professional games to relax. No matter why you are passionate about FIFA, there are plenty of ways to use FIFA to relax through your schooling.

1. College Ball

The thrill of participating in a game in front of a stadium full of fans is an energizing sensation. There are a ton of kids who dream of becoming professional athletes when they grow up. For a select number of star athletes, continuing to play the game through college can be a great experience. It can even significantly improve the chances of becoming a professional athlete. College athletes learn quickly that time management skills are essential to balance the sport, training, schoolwork and downtime. Some athletes can even get scholarships to play collegiate sports, further limiting necessary student loans. Most athletes will not make it into college sports or beyond, but it is a great goal to work towards.

2. Recreational 

A great way to make friends during college is to get involved in various activities. There are recreational sports leagues that can help you have fun, make friends and stay active. Through these leagues, you can bond with other FIFA fans, too. Sports are a great way to stay fit and healthy while also building interpersonal skills such as communication and teamwork.

3. Relaxation

If your athletic ability is not quite up to par to play in college or beyond, that does not mean you cannot still relax, thanks to the entertainment FIFA provides. Setting aside time to watch your team play is an integral part of helping to keep yourself focused. It is essential to take time away from studies to allow yourself to enhance your focus on your studies as needed. This does not mean it is okay to slack on your schoolwork to watch sports all day. It does, however, mean that it is a great idea to use your time management skills to ensure your work is done before the games you would like to watch. This balance of schoolwork and entertainment can help reduce stress and burnout.

Watching sports is a healthy outlet for stress relief, relaxation and can provide a distraction from school and other life troubles. Sports also allow us to make friends, connect with others and build relationships. These are all very healthy outlets during a stressful time, such as college.

4. Jobs

Every organization has a variety of different job needs to keep the organization running. These jobs are not the athletes but rather the people behind the scenes who help keep everything running smoothly. A number of these positions are grounded in the business, marketing and communications fields. There are even medical jobs for teams. A quick online search will show you the wide variety of employment opportunities an organization like FIFA offers. An internship or volunteer opportunity may be hard to come by but could be an unimaginably incredible experience, especially for the ultimate FIFA fan.

A passionate love of sports is something many of us thoroughly enjoy. The entertainment factor alone allows for bonding with other fans, admiration of the players and a release of stress as you unwind while watching your favorite teams play. Some are skilled enough to become FIFA players. While that is a very lofty goal, there are other ways to be involved. Appropriate degrees and internships can help you to land a job within the FIFA organization. At the very least, your love for FIFA may forever be an outlet for your stress and a source of entertainment for you, your family and your friends. It’s a great organization to love following!