Amateur Soccer Player

Soccer is an excellent sport to be a part of, and it can be very rewarding if one gets really involved with their team. It is definitely described as the world’s greatest game for a reason. Professional soccer players make a nice salary and do a great job of creating a fan base that their country can be proud of. Soccer is the most widely known sport that brings people and countries together for a wonderful pastime.

Of course, most people who have a passion for the game will never turn pro. This is just the reality that some aspiring players need to accept. Now, of course, this can change through hard work and dedication, but an aspiring professional player needs to be realistic as well. They might actually be called to do other things that involve soccer, other than becoming a pro. You might still have a love for the game, play in college, play on an amateur team or play as a hobby, and this is great. If you are this kind of soccer player, here are the four best careers that you can be involved in.

1. Sales Team With Sports Equipment Manufacturer

You have experience with soccer, and you love the game. This doesn’t have to mean that you are a professional soccer player, but you do have the knowledge of the industry that you can impart into other industries. One field you can get into is the sales industry for a sports equipment manufacturer. There are great careers with some widely known companies out there who are searching for a person who not only has sales experience but has great knowledge and hands-on experience with soccer. This will take somebody who understands the sales pipeline and can sell much-needed equipment to professionals and amateurs alike.

2. Soccer Coach

Of course, you can also consider becoming a soccer coach in many different fields. Coaches are needed in high schools, colleges and professional settings. If you are an active player yourself, this would mean that you would make a great coach with all of the knowledge your team needs to win games. You have years of experience playing the game yourself and know what works and what doesn’t work. You could definitely be of use to high schools around the country that are looking for someone who can teach a bit and coach as a big part of their role at the school. It is a promising career that can give you job security and benefits.

3. Team Marketing

Teams everywhere are looking for some type of marketing and advertising for their clubs. You would make a perfect candidate for this if you are a soccer player because again, you understand the industry and how to make the team look good. You can play soccer in whatever setting you with, learn marketing on the side and apply to become a marketing manager for a professional club as your primary career. This way, you would still be able to have your foot in the door in a professional setting.

4. Health Field

Clubs also look for people in the health industry to take care of their players. These are the medical departments that make sure that the players are ready to play their games and tend to emergency situations. There are sports medicine specialists and physical therapists that are needed in soccer that you can be a part of, and without you, the team would not be able to function. Being a soccer player, you have hands-on experience of what players experience while on the field. This could include a player’s diet and their training sessions.

It is truly possible to be involved with the game of soccer while being a soccer player yourself without turning professional. These are promising careers that can give you a great salary to take care of yourself and your family, all while enjoying and participating in the game.