“Bayern Munchen have considerable potential in attack thanks to their quality and talented players”

“I wish to play another Champions League final. Every season at Real Madrid is a challenge. We have different challenges this campaign both in La Liga and the UCL. We’re where we want to be at this stage, that is, fighting for a spot in the final and for the league title.”

“Both we and Bayern have considerable potential in attack. We know we must do the best we can to stop them and capitalise on our skills in attack. We are two very solid sides that play dinamic and fast football with fast transitions. Bayern’s football will not surprise us.”

“We know Bayern rather well and I think they have considerable potential in attack thanks to their quality and talented players that can break our defence line. We will try to keep them in check as best as we can. We expect a good result in the first leg and we obviously don’t want to lose. We want to score one goal on the road to have an advantage in the return leg. It would be good to win or draw with goals, but our objective is to win.”

“The battle in midfield in every match is essential. The team that keeps possession and reaches the box has the upper hand. We know Bayern’s players well. Sami Khedira and I have faced them several times and they are truly great. They are having a fantastic season.”

“Time will tell, and history has seen both Real Madrid and Bayern winning the Champions League after eliminating the other in the semifinals. That’s where we want to be and the tie will be thrilling, but who knows how the winner will fare in the final? The Champions League is always the most appealing of tournaments and winning a tenth for the club would be important, so we are focused on being a part of that.”

“I believe we are concentrating 100% on winning the tie. Every game is curcial at this stage of the season and every small detail is important. Each mistake could be fatal, so we’ll have to minimise the chances of making any as much as we can and play a strong game in attack. That will be one of the keys to being successful because there is a lot at stake for us in every game.”

“I remember the last final Real Madrid won very well. Zidane’s goal was elegant, aesthetic and complex, and even more important due to being scored in a final. That’s why all the fans remember it. It defines his style perfectly.”

“I think pressure comes from within and not being able to cope with the responsiblity that comes with playing these games would mean you’re not doing something right. You need a special dose of it to compete in every kind of match, not just important ones.”


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