Brazil cruise 2-0 versus USA

Brazil beat the USMNT in a friendly game in New Jersey. Firmino and Neymar set the visitors with a comfortable lead at the break.

Brazilian fans showed up in numbers and aside from the American Outlaws supporter group the stadium was mostly wearing yellow jerseys and cheering for the 5-times World Cup champions.

Expected lack of support

Was it expected? Maybe. Is it embarrassing? Definitely yes. And next match is against the eternal rivals of Mexico… Let’s face the reality the US Men’s National Team lack support nationally.

Not many other nations in the world would host a soccer match with the stadium mostly supporting the opposite team. Worst is that nobody seems to really care. USMNT do not provide pride to their people. This is a problem and there is, in majority, no allegiance to the US colors.

And, every time any big Latin American soccer nation plays on our soil, they will bring more cheers from the fans living in the US than our US Men’s National Team itself.

On the other end we have to understand, it’s completely normal following the Men’s debacle and the laughable current situation of US Soccer.

It has been one year since we miserably missed on the 2018 FIFA World Cup. We still don’t have a coach. People are mocking us. This has been an embarrassment.

Women’s National Team drive opposite emotions

Next year the ladies will play the World Cup in France, and are one of the favorites to win. It’s that different, people love our Women’s team, they are great. They WIN. Bottomline is a nation of 350+ millions should have a more decent Men’s soccer squad.

But look we get it, it’s a process and we are betting on a youthful team for 2022 World Cup. The road is long and we can only go up from the rock bottom we reached last Fall.

Interim coach Sarachan comments on the loss and saw some positives:

“This was a great game for us to play. These types of games when you’re playing a team like Brazil who is arguably as good as any team on the planet, it just challenges you in a way that will improve this group as we move forward.

“I think there could have been a situation where maybe the shoulders slump, the confidence was blown. But I think that’s one of the things I’ve noticed in this group that i’ve had across many of these friendlies now, they don’t lack confidence.”