By over $100 millions USD, the transfer of Neymar to Paris Saint-Germain for $263 millions USD eclipsed the last record transfer of Paul Pogba in 2016 (from Juventus Turin to Manchester United for $116.4 millions). PSG paid the buyout clause for the Brazilian and the French club shows its purchasing power to the world.

What is ridiculous is the price they paid for Neymar. This price was set by FC Barcelona in the buyout clause. There was no bidding war to get Neymar and only PSG was willing to pay this price. But should they ever be allowed to unload such an expense while FIFA is supposedly trying to have a fairer system in between clubs? The Brazilian is a 25 years old superstar and one of the best players in the planet, however the French club paid twice as much as Manchester United did for Paul Pogba. FC Barcelona made a very lucrative deal and forced PSG to overpay them to get the player they wanted. FC Barcelona’s players have all very high buyout clauses to dissuade other clubs from buying out the players. For example to even consider a transfer for Messi, a club must be willing to pay over $300 millions USD. Money is not a problem for PSG especially when one knows where it all comes from…

Owned by Qatar Sports Investments, PSG is sponsored by oil money and clearly trying to buy the best players at any cost to win the Champions League, a competition they miserably lost in the quarterfinals 6-1 last year against Barcelona whereas they had won the first leg 4-0. Will Neymar only will make them achieve their goals…? Future will tell! But PSG definitely thinks he can now. Neymar’s arrival is also a clear sign to keep the squad intact (transfers rumors surrounding Verrati and Di Maria for example)


Perhaps to cover their humiliation from last year and similar to what Kevin Durant did with the Golden State Warriors in the NBA, PSG owners said to themselves: If we cannot beat FC Barcelona, let’s buy at least one of the players who eliminated us! So, they did sign Neymar. Honestly, If you are a fan of the beautiful game seeing all this money spent is ridiculous and nauseous. Neymar and PSG are sponsored by oil money so does FIFA who awkwardly awarded the World Cup to the country of the Gulf while it has no existing  infrastructures and no history of world football. 

Now, the problem is that summer transfers will reach astronomical amounts because of what PSG did with Neymar. Clubs are likely to overspend now with no limits. Buyout clauses will soon reach amounts of half a billion USD! FIFA and its so-called “financial fair-play” will have to look into this matter meticulously. Eventually the football market will be further segmented in two categories – the Haves and the Have nots. It’s already the case especially in La Liga and Ligue 1. Rich clubs will get richer while poorer clubs or less rich will have more financial difficulties to build competitive teams. At this rhythm, there will be soon a Super League with all the richest clubs, getting the best players, monopolizing all broadcasting rights, signing the most lucrative sponsorship deals, etc.. and on the other side the rest of the world or the rest of the UEFA clubs in this stance. Welcome to the future.

Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger said about the transfer – “When a country owns a club, everything is possible”, while Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp questioned the transfer by doubting how did it happen with FIFA fair-play in place?

Regardless, soccer is a business and hundred of millions of fans will PSG. Neymar will boost Ligue 1’s negotiating power, attractiveness and economy. This is how big this young man is!

On his first press conference with PSG, Neymar said: 

“I am very happy to be here and to accept this big challenge at this big club! I can’t wait to meet my new teammates. It’s a great honor for me to represent Paris and I will give everything to repay the confidence placed in my by the Chairman and everyone here at the club. I will do my best, play my best football here, to honor this beautiful jersey and reach our objectives.

The sporting project is very attractive, the Club and I share the same ambitions and that is very important for me. Paris are a big club with quality players, there is so much talent in this squad. The fact that a big club such as Paris wanted me was very important. I know I have made the right choice in coming here and I hope to make history here.

I don’t feel any more pressure than that. It’s football and it’s all part of the game that I love more than anything in the world. I am very motivated, the club’s ambitions are my ambitions and I love big challenges. I am ready to play and help my teammates any way I can. I just want to get on the training pitch and get ready to play as soon as possible!”

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