Top English Premier League teams start each season with the hope of becoming champions. But, there is another coveted prize that is usually not mentioned, and that is invincibility. The title remains in the minds of the managers, players, and fans until their team loses a match.

So far, Arsenal is the only invincible club in the premier league after they finished the 2003/2004 season unbeaten. This comes after Liverpool lost to Watford in the 2019/2020 after having the best season in 30 years and one of the greatest starts to a football season.

But why is it impossible for the best teams in the premier league to become invincible? The challenge can be attributed to two factors.

Competitiveness of the League

The premier league has become more competitive. Today, several teams have the potential to win the title compared to two decades ago. The list includes Leicester City and Manchester City who have only turned into title contenders in the last few years.

But, the top teams are not the only ones who are competitive. Even those in the bottom half of the table have shown they are tough to beat, given most of them are usually fighting for survival. Due to competitiveness within the league, it has become difficult for the best performing teams to go unbeaten or, at least, get a draw in each of the 38 games.

This is evident in the 2019/2020. Most people had bet on Liverpool to finish the season unbeaten after an excellent start to the season only to lose to a team in the relegation zone on Matchday 28. The loss revealed that you have a high chance of winning money playing online casino games at 918kiss than betting on a team to finish a football season unbeaten.

The Pressure to Become Invincible

Achieving invincibility when all you do is think about it can be a barrier to achieving the status. Since Arsenal became invincible back in 2004, teams have come under pressure to join the list. This often occurs when they have a great start to the season by finishing the first leg unbeaten. Immediately, the pressure starts to mount.

Fans begin to see the possibility of going unbeaten, and this influences the players. The pressure affects performance where the players and the manager appear to focus on not losing a match, instead of just relaxing and playing with ease.

Thus, whenever the team concedes first, the players panic. This makes it difficult to stick to tactics, which eventually result in a loss. Therefore, provided the expectation of finishing a season unbeaten remains, it will be difficult for the best teams in the premier league to become invincible.

In conclusion, becoming invincible, like the Arsenal of 2003/2004, will continue to be a difficult task for premier league teams. This is because of the competitiveness of the league and the pressure to attain that status. Thus, instead of betting on a club to finish a season unbeaten, use the money to play online casino games at 918kiss, where you have a higher chance of winning.