In the last ten years or so, sports betting has enjoyed a huge surge in popularity. Though the pastime has been widespread in the UK for well over a decade, it is now beginning to take hold in other countries. In the USA, for example, a recent survey from Statista found that almost half (46%) of all adult Americans had placed a sports bet at least once in their life, while 14% more said they would like to in the future.

With an increasing global appetite for sports betting – and with a growing number of sites accommodating the rise in demand – betting providers have come up with ingenious ways of enhancing the enjoyment of their players through new types of wagering. One of the most exciting of these is the advent of Betbuilder bets, which offer consumers an unparalleled among of freedom in how they gamble. Read on to find out more.

What is a Betbuilder bet?

Have you ever been frustrated at an inability to place money on certain aspects of a match? Are the markets provided for by your favoured sports betting site often inadequate for your needs and wants? If that sounds familiar, you’re in luck, since Betbuilder bets offer you an unprecedented level of customisation and choice in how you craft your bets.

This ingenious format allows players to create their own bespoke bets based upon an extensive array of metrics, all within a single match. For example, if you wanted to place a complicated bet focused on a table-topping clash in the English Premier League, the Betbuilder bet is the way to do so.

From the identity of the first goalscorer to the number of corners in a game to the total booking points (issued for the award of red and yellow cards) to the final result, there are a wide variety of different events you can bet upon. With a betbuilder bet, you can compile these all together and accumulate their odds into one, easily manageable and potentially lucrative wager.

What sports can I bet on with a Betbuilder bet?

According to data provided by the UK government, football (or soccer) is by far the most popular sport to bet on in Great Britain, accounting for almost 47% of the market. But the sport is a firm favourite elsewhere in the globe, as well, with the English Premier League an incredibly popular market to bet upon. For that reason, it is, of course, available for Betbuilder bets.

American Football and Aussie Rules Football (AFL) are hugely popular in their respective countries of the USA and Australia, both of which are very big sports betting markets. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to learn that avid gamblers can lay a wager on those sports too, whether they reside in those nations or not.

Other sports which are available for Betbuilder bets include basket, cricket, rugby league and rugby union. That means that there is a huge amount of choice available to gamblers all over the world, regardless of which particular pastime they find most engaging. And with creative freedom in crafting individual bets like never before, Betbuilder bets are sure to be hit with gamblers from all walks of life.