Premier League week 7: Arsenal 2-0 Brighton

After a horrific start of the season, Arsenal has won its 4th match at the Emirates and stay perfect at home. The results away have been questionable and the team will have to show its improvement after the international break. One bright element of the team is Alex Iwobi. The 21 years-old Nigerian played terrific and scored a goal.


Coach Arsenal, Wenger comments on his player and the current form:

“I think he’s a kind of player who has a good availability. He helps you a lot to get out of pressure when you are in a build up game and creates spaces.

What you want from him is final balls and goals as well. A player like him must score 10 goals and he must as well give between six and 10 assists and that’s what I want from him.”

On the Lacazette and Alexis duo:

“I feel that they combine well together and overall it’s a promising combination. There are some goals in there and with the providers around I believe we can score more goals.

To adapt to each other [on the pitch], first of all you need the desire to adapt to each other, to make each other better. It’s always the same, I think great players together with the right attitude, they make each other better. 

If they have not got the right attitude of course then it is a problem but the two of them look to have the right attitude.

It’s important to be imaginative [against a defensive team], and as well to move the ball quickly, but sometimes I felt with the desire to speed the game up we confused [ourselves] a bit, rushing the game and moving the ball quickly. 

We rushed and wanted to go directly to the decisive ball, we were not patient enough and we lost some balls because of that. Overall we need creativity and the best example is certainly our second goal.”


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