Arsene Wenger on Arsenal’s come back vs Aston Villa 3-2

Sunday was a good test for us to show that we have the mental qualities to come back when games are going against us. It was difficult after we conceded a second goal to Aston Villa right on half time, but we responded very well.

Overall it was a classic tie because we had to fight to score three goals and we did it well. I felt it was harsh to be 2-0 down at half time, but Villa are a good counter-attacking team and unfortunately we couldn’t score in the first half. In the second half it was all us.

I was very impressed with our spirit because I felt that, when you go through a bad period like we have, you can feel sorry for yourself or you can show you have the mental qualities to play for this club. I was very proud that the team came out and showed they are not ready to lie down.

Hopefully the comeback will help us to bounce back in the Premier League as well. Sunday’s win should convince the team that we have the required qualities and we can transfer that to the Premier League.

When you don’t win, the belief goes and we lost three games in the Premier League. The belief is not stable no matter what your history is – it depends on the recent history of the team. But I think that belief is returning.

One of the players who hasn’t played recently is Abou Diaby and he returns on Tuesday after working very hard in a rehabilitation centre. We feel that when he comes back he will need three more weeks of training, so the earliest he will play will be the end of February.

Also I will be chatting with Ryo this week to see if I can find an opportunity for him. It will have to be in England because he will lose his homegrown status if he leaves the country.

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