Euro 2016 Qualifiers – Estonia 0-1 England

Wayne Rooney who scores the winning goal reacts:

“We said before the game it would be tough, and they would put men behind the ball, and tonight it was. Thankfully we got the goal, and we managed to get the points.”

It was close, so I was focusing on trying to get it up and over the wall as quick as I could, and thankfully it’s gone in.

“I’ve shown over the years that I am always capable of scoring goals, and thankfully I’ve done that again tonight.”

“We are playing well. The pleasing thing tonight is, with a young team who knew it was going to be tough, we hung in there and got the goal. 

“We saw the game out well, and we are always learning as a team.

“It’s nights like tonight that will help us.”

Roy Hodgson, England manager
“I think we certainly should have won by more. Our first-half performance was especially good – we created lots and lots of chances, but weren’t so good at taking them. Full credit to Estonia, they never gave up and had to work incredibly hard to keep us out because we had the ball basically the whole of the match and were asking lots of questions.

They came up with plenty of answers, but fortunately they couldn’t come up with an answer to Wayne Rooney’s free-kick. It was an important goal because we starting to get a bit frustrated”.

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