MLS: DC United 4-1 Portland Timbers

The Englishman scored a brace to silence his critics. Not too long ago, many observers and so-called specialist in US Soccer were seriously doubting the validity of bringing former English star Wayne Rooney from Everton pass his prime.

They said the investment was not going to justify what the former Manchester United player could bring to DC United and MLS.

But in the span of a few weeks, he has proven them wrong and Wayne Rooney still has game in him while he remains a global soccer icon. He scored against Portland his first MLS brace and helped his team for a playoff push in the Eastern Conference standings.

Rooney commented on tonight’s performance:

“It’s important that we take each game as it comes and our game Sunday is an important three points. Our intention was to get nine points this week and we’ve put ourselves in quite a position to push for the playoffs. Hopefully we can keep getting results and keep moving forward.

Sunday was a big victory for us, but the next day video is important to make sure we know how [our next opponent] plays, how they want to play. When you’ve got three games in a week you have to be focused on the next game as soon as the game’s over.

The more games we play together, the more we understand. I think the players have been fantastic and for me, they’ve helped me settle in very quickly. We are getting a better understanding everyday on the pitch. I’ve always been a player who can pick out players’ abilities and qualities fairly quickly and try to adjust to how they want to play.”