MLS – LA Galaxy 6-0 Coloroda Rapids

Donovan reacts: We play a sport for a living that we tend to think it is very important, and people get carried away, I think, with the importance of it. “We try to keep it all in perspective, and life is more important. (A.J. lost his son after a week being born) And we’re just heartbroken for a teammate and for our friend Megan and their family. We do our job and get on with it, but that it doesn’t change what happened yesterday.

“So that’s going to be a part of our season going forward. It doesn’t mean that after tonight we forget about it. It’s still a piece of all of us that we feel is lost, and it’s a sad night.”

“We had a feeling that they would all be watching,” he said. “Again, it doesn’t take away from the pain they’re feeling, but maybe it puts a few smiles on their faces [after] three or four days where they’ve had no smiles and a lot of tears.”

“It was emotional, and [A.J. is] a person that we all care about, he’s such a good person, he and his wife. … We feel his pain and we just want to be as supportive as we can, and certainly our thoughts were with them tonight. It certainly was a game we wanted to win for him, no question about it.”

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