By Shaun Fuentes

Former FIFA Vice President Jack Warner says he is confident of being exonerated and says he is not ruling out a return to the world governing body for football in the future.

Warner, a former President of CONCACAF and the Caribbean Football Union, made the statements in Trinidad on Monday while on a walkabout in his role as Minister of Works for the country’s government.

“Don’t be too anxious. Wait and see. I lose absolutely no sleep on this matter, none! And there are guys outside there who lose sleep and I feel sorry for them but I am not doing that,” Warner said.

When asked whether he has ruled out a return to a position in FIFA, the ex-special advisor to the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation responded  : “No, because you could never know what the future holds but there are some unfinished business which I will have to finish both in FIFA and CONCACAF at the appropriate time. But what happens in a year or two …nobody knows.”

Warner also dismissed reports that he had been advised by CONCACAF general secretary that the payment of the expenses for the special meeting of regional football delegates at the Hyatt by Mohammed Bin Hammam “would raise ethical issues.”

Warner announced that he was resigning from all of his football post on June 20 before the FIFA Ethics Committee concluded its inquiry into the  facilitation of bribery allegations against him. Warner’s resignation meant that the  FIFA dropped the charges against him. Those charges included that he organised a meeting at the Hyatt on May 10 and 11 at which bundles of US$40,000 were handed to representatives of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU).

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