By Suben Ravindran

Brazil beat Chile 3-0. It was not a typical Brazilian performance, but it was another face to this Brazil team which shows that they can win a battling style if they want to. It was a war dog performance by the Brazilians and even though the first 15 minutes was a nervy start, Brazil slowly settled into the match.

Juan scored with a leaping header from a corner to the roof of the net and from there Brazil never looked back. It was a dent to the Chilean confidence and in the 38th minute Luis Fabiano scored after Kaka and Robinho did a combination of passes.

Photo from fOTOGLIF

Brazil showed their steely side when each time they lost the ball they fought back to get it and this was done by the forward-line of Brazil too. Kaka back from suspension was back to his best.

Brazil wrapped it up with a third goal in the 59th minute with a fine run by Ramires who found Robinho who struck a sweet of a shot to seal the match. Chile had their moments with Humberto Suazo and Alexis Sanchez causing trouble, but they   were snuffed out by the likes of Lucio, Maicon, Juan and co.

Dunga was condemned before the World Cup for taking a defensive team, but this Brazil team might have sacrificed some skill, but make no mistake they have added something else to their arsenal and still have maintained the semblance of samba soccer. They is a new clinical precision to the team and no matter what the critics say the Brazilians will still have that artistry which comes from their street soccer roots or that famous game called futsal.

This game teaches the Brazilians at a young age on how to maintain composure and retain the ball under pressure. Futsal is a 5-a-side game played in a mini pitch and all the players in Brazil go through this game, it is the stepping stone to the 11-a-side game and this is why no matter what the critics say, Brazil in one way or another will still have the skill factor.

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