Group B day 3: Russia 0-3 Wales / Slovakia 0-0 England

Wales played their first ever Euro championship and they won the group where odds were not in their favor. Bale has scored in each of the match which nobody else has been able to accomplish so far. As for England, once again they created many chances but were not able to to break the deadlock and had to settle for a draw going through as second.

Chris Coleman, Wales manager reacts
“Our focus was on putting ourselves in a position where we’d have a chance in the last game of making the last 16. 

To progress was fantastic, I’ve got to say how proud I was of my players. They were brave in possession and made a lot of chances, on the back of a crushing defeat by England. We enjoyed tonight. As a nation geographically we are small but if you judge us by passion you could say we were a continent tonight”.

Gareth Bale, Wales forward comments the win:
“Everything was on this game. It was in our own hands and we said before just to go out there, enjoy ourselves, have no regrets. The performance was probably the best I’ve been involved in. We said we didn’t just want to come here and make up the numbers. We wanted to put a real effort in and to win the group, we can’t do any more than that. Now we can look forward to who we’ve got next.”

Coach England Roy Hodgson reacts:

“We dominated the game from start to finish and had so many attempts and chances and one day we’re going to put those chances away.

As far as I’m concerned I can’t fault the effort and work the lads put in. It’s a little bit embarrassing that we’ve played three games and in each of the three games it’s been attack versus defence. I thought I’d never see an England team in a tournament be able to dominate three games as much as we’ve done so that gives me some sort of satisfaction.

And I’m pretty sure that sooner or later we’re going to make somebody pay because if we keep dominating and creating chances like we’re doing we’re going to score goals one day. Finishing second in the group is a disappointment as we’d have liked to have won it but we’re still in the last 16.

And who’s to say that the team we play by finishing second will be that much stronger than the team who finish third – you don’t know that”.

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