MLS Regular Season week 20

The derby between Los Angeles Galaxy and Los Angeles FC was very anticipated and became an instant a must-see TV. In a sold out stadium stars shone and elevated the game to a next level. Both MLS superstars Carlos Vela and Zlatan Ibrahimovic came out big and provided the fans with cheers and entertainment. The final 3-2 in favor of LA Galaxy showcased two great teams, contenders for the championship. 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic beats Carlos Vela

When asked earlier during the week about Carlos Vela, Ibrahimovic bluntly responded he is the best player in MLS. He also took a shot at Vela saying that the 29 years old is playing in the MLS whereas Zlatan was with FC Barcelona at that time. The 37 years-old Swedish former international delivered on the pitch netting a hat-trick and one of the goals of the season. He added:

“I have a vision, I have my confidence, and I believe in myself. People call it arrogant. I call it confidence. Ignorant people call it arrogant. Intelligent people call it confidence. …

“[I’ve had this] since I start to play football. I believe so much in myself, and I have a bullet-proof mind. And when I go out there, I know what I’m able to do, and I do it good. … I do it perfect.”

Carlos Vela did scored a brace in this game and brings his total to 21 goals, 5 more goals than Ibrahimovic. Both players are in the running for this season MVP. 


LAFC coach Bradley added:

“Overall, their intensity took us out of our game. In those ways, we weren’t good in any part of the game. Our passing was nowhere near good enough, but the intensity changed the game in that regard and we didn’t deal well with it, which you expect in a derby match.”

It is the team’s third loss of the MLS 2019 campaign: “Were going to move past this, move forward with the next game, and get back on track with three points.”