Hans van Arum signs copyThe Houston Dutch Lions FC are very proud in announcing the signing of former Professional soccer Player and Coach Hans van Arum. Van Arum signed a 1-season deal as a Head Coach for the Dutch Lions FC PDL team.


Hans van Arum (46 years of age) played as a Professional soccer Player for Dutch Premier League teams such as Vitesse Arnhem, Willem II, RKC Waalwijk and Go Ahead Eagles. As a striker van Arum played a stunning number of 352 games in Dutch Professional soccer, scoring 90 goals he offers statistics to be proud of.


As a soccer Coach, van Arum received the award for ‘Best Coach of the Year’ in 2008. This award was received after a good season with Dutch third level club Sparta Nijkerk. After the 2008 season, van Arum became the Coach of the 2nd team of the club where he started his career; Vitesse Arhnem.


In 2011 van Arum started coaching the first team of Dutch side AGOVV, playing on the 2nd level with van Arum as their Head Coach. After this season van Arum became the game analyst for the first team of Dutch Premier League team Willem II.


And now his next step will be also his first ‘adventure’ outside his birth country of The Netherlands.


Hans van Arum’s reaction to his new club; ‘’This is an honor to sign as the Head Coach for the Houston Dutch Lions FC, I am very proud to lead the PDL team through the season.
Last Saturday I visited the annual Try Outs and we are very pleased with the signing of 5 players. In the upcoming weeks I will be busy with selecting the open spots on the PDL team. The Houston Dutch Lions FC is a very ambitious club with a new owner Martin Kroeze, and a great staff working with him, I am very pleased to be part of this project’’.


President Martin Kroeze reacts to the signing of his new Head Coach; We as the Houston Dutch Lions FC are very proud that we have signed a well respected Dutch Coach as Hans van Arum. Hans van Arum is an excellent Coach who can present the Dutch philosophy of soccer with our PDL team. Again, we are very pleased with signing van Arum as our new Head Coach.


We want to wish him good luck with the PDL team!

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