After being labelled one of the dark horses of this year’s World Cup in Brazil, Belgium have moved a bit closer to fulfilling that prophecy after qualifying for the final 16. In a match which many are referring to as a match for the ‘hipsters’, Belgium face the USA who’ve surprised many by not only qualifying from a tough group which included Germany and Portugal, they did it by playing great soccer.

On July 1st, the match is set to kick-off 5pm local time, and will see over 50,000 travelling fans make their way to the Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador. If you’re travelling to the event, you’ll have little on your mind but the soccer match, but there are some key aspects you should take into account when visiting the area.

In terms of safety, muggings and thefts are fairly common in Salvador so only take as much cash as you think you’re going to need and try not to bring valuables with you if you can help it. It’s worth purchasing a cheaper phone for contact within Brazil and disposable cameras, rather than taking an expensive smartphone. Don’t wear expensive looking jewelry and carry the belongings you do take in a fanny pack in front of you so you can see it at all times. This way, your possessions are attached to you and harder to take, thus deterring opportunistic muggers.

When travelling to Salvador’s main airport (SSA), there are plenty of available flights from most major airports, as long as you’re willing to make at least one change over. Travelling to Salvador within Brazil is reasonably simple and the journey from Rio via road is said to be particularly spectacular, if you have time. In the City itself, Salvador has a metro which runs regularly and is one of the cheapest options except for walking. However, it’s recommended that you just take a taxi if you’re only travelling a few blocks.