U-23 Rio 2016 Olympics playoffs round: Colombia 1-1 USA

The US U-23 Men’s National Team is in good position after a draw in Colombia. The Americans opened up the score at the 5th minutes and only conceded the equalized in the 25 minutes of the game. this results puts them in a confirmable position and the team must finish the job in front of the home crowd.

Goalscorer Gil comments on the draw:

“Obviously it would have been better if we could have hung onto the lead, but we’ve put ourselves in a very good spot. It was very difficult. Even from the first minute you stepped onto the field you could just feel the heat, it affects your body. I’m not trying to make excuses but it really does affect you as a player. It’s something that Colombia are used to because they have a lot of players playing here, but for us it was hard.”

“I feel at home we will be a lot more dominant. That was our main focus this time actually, to be a bit more dominant, but obviously the game changes and you have to adjust to it. At home though we’ll feel a bit more confident. And it will be us taking care of possession this time.”

The final decision will be made next Tuesday in Texas. Don’t miss that game to support the US team to go to Rio!

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