No sense of urgency at US Soccer executive levels

October 10, 2017 the United States Men’s National Team suffered one of the worst humiliating defeats in US Soccer history 2-1 in Trinidad & Tobago. More importantly, the loss eliminated the USA from World Cup as they failed to qualify for the first time since the 1986 edition in Mexico. 

13 months and 400 days later, the US Soccer Federation fail to appoint the head coach since the demotion of Bruce Arena. They named Dave Sarachan as the interim coach and this situation has not changed. The next game for USMNT will be in February 2019 against Costa Rica. By then the Men’s team will [should] have an appointed head coach. 

Lack of result

USMNT played a total 11 games in 2018 and only won three of them. Probably the best result was against Mexico [1-0]. When high-ranked nations faced USA they always won [except France in June 1-1]. USMNT are no match against top South American and European nations. USA are #23 in the Men’s world ranking published by FIFA

Growth of young players

All of 2018, we heard about the growth of young players such as Weah, Adams, Acosta, Steffen and led by star Borussia Dortmund player Pulisic. The federation constantly focuses on building for the future. But future is now and in soccer, we don’t have time to wait, USMNT is not an academy and fans want results and price to be associated with their nation. A big tournament is coming up and results will be expected.

Gold Cup

the year 2019 sees the return of the Gold Cup and USA are the current champion after beating Jamaica in 2017. Mexico are set to make a push to reclaim the Concacaf trophy. It seems very hard to see this current US squad making any noise at the 2019 Gold Cup and decisions will have to made quickly in order to advance in the right direction. Youth is good and innocent but lack of experience as well. In a three-week tournament experience and veterans are needed.

Fans are skeptical after the complete failure of 2017 and the disarray following in 2018. They want a coach and project. It is time for USSF and president Cordeiro to make some moves before the nation disregards our MNT and all the efforts conceived by the last generations of players.