By Rob Deyzel

Can you believe it?! I was on national Ugandan TV! Okay I will explain how it happened. I know a Ugandan who works for NTV which is Ugandans BBC. Now without my knowledge he told the sports producer about me writing for 90soccer. I received a phone call on Saturday night from Leon the host of the programme “NTV sports bar”, that he wanted to host me on his one hour show on Sunday evening! I was shocked and of course agreed. So Sunday evening I jumped on a boda boda (motorbike) and headed to Kampala. After having some makeup put on I headed for the studio set. Now sports bar is how it sounds. The host, me and another co host talking about sports in a pretend bar. Awesome or what?! I was on for 40 mins chatting about football and local sports. (Of which I know nothing!) Anyway 90soccer is now on the Uganda map! And now I have been recognized around Kampala!

Rob you rock!

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