Real Madrid deservedly cruised to a wonderful 3-0 home win in the “traditional intense derby” against Athletico on Tuesday night and almost certainly booked their passage to second consecutive European final once after that dominant result. the expectations prior to the match would have envisioned an equally intense battle as it is always the case in this derby, but Real produced a brilliant show that dismantled their opponent in all tactical spectrums with a commanding mentality that apparently outplayed Simoene’s side, leaving an slim chance of return in the second leg. accordingly there are many pivotal factors to underscore Madrid’s incredible performance that seem justifies their far reaching adaptation to style and structure of play as their major evidence of success. their most sufficient vibration of tactical superiority has equally embraced a share of intelligent game plane and incisive quality that would ultimately underlined one vision; a masterful dimension of killing speed and delightful attacking tempo which is defined the basis of Real’s style of play and their philosophy of winning. all three goals that Ronaldo brilliantly scored were generated by this sensational attacking principles through a flexible movements, a perfectly balanced vision of attacking transition and lastingly was produced in reliance of a sensationally coordinated vision of adapted passing-building effort. playing with three hybrid and practically flexible deep lying passers across the line between holding role and advance central midfield in last few seasons became the centerpiece of Madrid’s incredible midfield vision that involves Kroos, Modrid and Isco more occasionally while Casemiro have been deployed as a first choice deep holding force as of recent time behind those creative passers in a routinely successful formation; either as a deep contributor in the central holding partnership or as a deep provider in a three men shape of midfield, the one Real intends to have more possession; in many ways the midfield adaptation to anticipate tracking off the ball spaces to solidify their resilient pressing usually aims to provide enough time and mobility for their back line to shout down spaces against attacking teams and often successfully widen a series of redefining change of positions for the midfielders when regaining the ball off the press, specially Kroos and Modrid that quickly rotates the play with neat touches and delightful passing exchanges to interact with their wide men going forward to ignite such a commanding pace to free their central attackers; once it plays out Isco would interchange an string of fluid movements with his dribbling skills and vision, offering Ronaldo a freedom to drift centrally while changing the pace of passing interchanges with two wide creators that essentially embraces Marcelo as their left winger and either Carvajal or Asencio as their right winger to push high with dazzling pace, providing spontaneous inside overlap plays and penetrates fine combinations.