How Heavy is that Cup?
words: mark lincir

United States soccer fans are jumping for joy over its country’s World Cup draw…but wait! It’s not as easy as it looks. England won’t win the World Cup, but is obviously a formidable opponent and Algeria and Slovenia are countries that the United States will have trouble predicting.

Coach Bob still needs to sort out a less than capable central midfield and lost his best striker (Charlie Davies) recently and does not have a replacement unless Jozy absolutely catches fire this summer.

Opening with England will give the United States a chance to catch a top team looking to go deep into the tournament looking past the North American powerhouse, but it’s unlikely that England will be unfocused against the United States.

The U.S. avoided any semblance of a Group of Death, and those who think that Mexico has it easy are wrong. No host country has ever failed to get to the second round and France should get thru as well…hopefully they won’t need a helping hand from any other teams in their group to get there. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!).

It would be nice to see a new champion to add one to the special seven countries that have won it. It looks like Spain is the most legit contender as Holland won’t have enough to take it all home and Brazil looks like a likely finalist.

How far will the U.S. go?


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