By Mark Vincent Lincir

Not only has the 2010 Major League Soccer season brough with it a legitimate challenger to Roy Lassiter’s single season all time scoring record (Edson Buddle)…but it has also seen the reversal of fortunes to two of MLS’ most high profile clubs.

The New York Red Bulls have always been a focus for all the wrong reasons. They used to have a terrible stadium, with an awful fake playing surface and with a very small following of fans. Nowadays, however, they are sitting at the TOP (no, that is not a typo) of the Eastern Conference standings.

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They made a coaching change, got into some new digs and suddenly starting winning…a lot!

On the other hand, there’s D.C. United. Major League Soccer’s most decorated club. Now, the club sits at the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings and after five games has not earned a single point.


That pretty much sums up their season so far. No real talk of a new stadium…no new signings to get the fans excited…and nothing on the field to make anyone want to show up live to a game.

New Coach? Curt Onalfo can’t be blamed for everything, but he’s got to be blamed for something. How much time will they give him? I know, I know…RSL didn’t play real soccer until September of last season, so what’s there to worry about?

It won’t work that way this season…the underdog will not win it. There are a handful of teams taking this year’s campaign very seriously. Look at the Galaxy out west. How about their start? Five wins and a tie in April?

Who told these guys that fast starts only make you tired in October? Well, I’m glad that they’re not listening. It’s time to demand good starts from everybody, especially your own club. Otherwise, there must be changes all around.

Aside from reports of small crowds for Open Cup games from Red Bull Arena, I can actually admit with a straight face that I am watching the Red Bulls play. But I can’t say the same thing about D.C. United. Something has got to change there…bring back Clint Peay and Ben Crawley if you have to. But turn that team back into a team that at least wins once and a while.

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