Local minor soccer league side Galveston Pirate Soccer Club are excited to announce that effective immediately, the club has entered into a cross promotion affiliation agreement with Monmouth Town FC of Wales, UK.

Monmouth 3 300x161 TPSL: Galveston Pirates unveil Welsh soccer affiliate Monmouth Town currently play in the Welsh First Division and are looking at promotion to the Welsh Premier League where they will have a shot at making the European Champions League.

This agreement will benefit both clubs as it will provide exposure for the players on both sides of the Atlantic to a fan base they would never have had otherwise.

Monmouth Town Kingfishers Chairman Lee Robson added “This is an exciting venture for us and it would be great to have some co owners on the other side of the Atlantic – and vice versa. Who knows…one day a friendly match”

A side note about Monmouth – The Welsh town was recently voted the third best place to live in the whole of the United Kingdom so two nice achievements for the small welsh town if you include this affiliation with Galveston.

New Galveston Pirate owner Bill Alsobrook said, “I love Non-league football and happened to come across Monmouth when following the league. It’s a great honor for us to be associated with a club that has a lot of history and echo Lee Robsons comment about a friendly match – that would be awesome!”

Continuing, he said,”This has been my first announcement for the club since taking the helm only last week, and what an announcement it is. To affiliate ourselves with a club in Europe is fantastic for our club, the league we play in (TPSL) and for soccer in the area in general. It’s been a good first week in charge!”
More details will be provided as the details and opportunities arise from this partnership.


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For any enquiries about Galveston Pirate Soccer club, please contact Bill Alsobrook at 919-259-3118 or Email owner@pirate-soccer.com.