Your reaction to signing for Tottenham Hotspur?

I’m really excited, delighted to get the opportunity. Looking from afar, it’s such an exciting place to be at the moment. It’s a bit weird, considering I’ve been trying to kick them for the last eight seasons, but it will be good to play alongside them now. From where the club is now to where it has been in my time in England has been a real achievement from the chairman,


Harry Redknapp and the players?

It looks such an exciting place to be. When I was at Blackburn, looking at the squads, it’s an amazing squad, probably the best in the Premier League, I think, from one to 25. I’m really happy to be here and excited about it. There is so much to play for. The players in the squad are so talented and so good, it’s something that hopefully we can kick-on, 15 games left, the FA Cup and hopefully there will be some good things at the end of it.


Your fellow defenders?

They are all world-class players. I know my role and why Harry’s brought me in so if I can help out and contribute in any way, that will be fantastic. All I know is that I’m delighted to be here and I will work my backside off, give everything for this club.


You will be back with your former Blackburn teammate Brad Friedel?

Seven-and-a-half years ago he was doing the same at Blackburn. He’s got a lot less hair now and I’m a lot greyer! It’s nice to have a familiar face, David Bentley as well. It’s great to be here. Brad is just a freak. He was back then! We were saying that eight years ago when he was 36! Now he’s pushing on 50 and he’s still doing it! He’s an amazing man and the plaudits have all been said before, so I won’t say more.





Your reaction to signing for Tottenham Hotspur?

It’s a great feeling to be here. I’ve been watching the dynamic of the club over the last five years, it’s amazing to be part of that and I’m really excited now. I can’t wait to start. It’s a very attractive club. You see the way the team plays in a positive way, it’s enjoyable to watch. I’m sure the fans can’t wait to win trophies.


There are amazing players here, always looking to win games and play quick football, the speed of the play is amazing. It’s great to be part of that now.


I hope to try and help the team to win a trophy. There is a great chance this season and I’m reallly buzzing about it. I will give my best, as I always have over the years. I will work hard and try to help the club to succeed.


What are you thoughts on your new teammates?

There is quality all over the pitch, from the goalkeeper to the top end of the pitch. It’s amazing, such quality and confidence around the play, Adebayor, van der Vaart, Defoe, I can’t wait to play with them all.


Will the style suit you?

I hope so. I thought about that straight away. It is such an attacking side that always looks for the

movement of the striker. I love to score goals and I see many opportunities with the wingers and the way we play, I just can’t wait. It’s amazing to have such quality around you and that brings confident. I will be waiting for chances and also look to create chances for others.


This is an exciting time to join?

I can see definitely this is the season to challenge for th title. Great play, confident and it’s really hard to defend against Tottenham when they click. I can really see a chance this season.


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