The Club has launched a revolutionary new way of communicating with fans by delivering quality video content using Aurasma – a new technology for mobile devices developed by our Premier League sponsor Autonomy – which recognises key ‘triggers’, kicking off with the team shirt, official team photo and Club badge.

Aurasma is the world’s first visual browser. Running on your mobile device, Aurasma recognizes and understands real-world images and objects – much the same way the human brain does – and then seamlessly blends them with interactive multimedia content such as videos and animations called “Auras”.

Fans can now point their Aurasma-enabled iPhones and iPads at the front of this season’s Tottenham Hotspur Premier League shirt to launch footage of this season’s Premier League goals. The videos will be updated throughout the season and will include, for example, exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage from around the Club, player interviews and news. Even photos of Spurs players wearing the Premier League shirts, when reproduced in newspapers, will be able to trigger video content – provided the photo includes a ‘trigger’ such as the front of the shirt and the Aurasma logo.

To get closer to the team than ever before, all fans have to do is download the Official Spurs News App[tr1]  to their iPhone 4 or iPad 2.

The Official Spurs News App is already packed full of exclusive features, including live commentary from every first team match and can now, thanks to Aurasma, bring the Club’s merchandise to digital life.  In addition, fans will also be able to use the Spurs App to create their own Auras and share them with their friends.

In addition to the Premier League shirt, Tottenham Hotspur has also created the first ever Aurasma-enabled official team photo. Wherever the official 2011/2012 team photo appears – newspapers, on postcards or even posters – the players will instantly come to life in video when viewed with Aurasma. As with the team shirt and official team photo, the historic Club badge delivers video too – in this case, classic goals from Tottenham Hotspur’s 20 consecutive years in the Premier League.

Tottenham Hotspur Executive Director, Donna-Maria Cullen, said, “Aurasma is an exciting technology and provides a new way to engage with our fans. It allows us to share exclusive, behind-the-scenes video content in totally new ways. We are extremely proud to be the first ever Premier League club to bring the Aurasma experience to fans.”

To date, two million users have downloaded Aurasma and Aurasma-enabled applications such as the Official Spurs News App. Over 400 commercial partners are now using the technology in campaigns or have embedded Aurasma into their own applications, including Panasonic, GQ magazine, J D Wetherspoons, Hyundai, Magners and Virgin Atlantic.

Aurasma’s Managing Director, Martina King, said, “We’re delighted to be partnering with such a historic club to bring football home to fans in a completely new way. This is just the beginning – Aurasma is going to transform the way we all see and interact with the world. For the first time, it brings an interactive multimedia experience to newspapers and magazines, product packaging, clothing and even physical places. And best of all, Aurasma’s really useful – whether for example it’s showing an easy to follow video of assembly instructions on a box of Ikea flat-pack furniture, a Jamie Oliver video on a jar of pasta sauce, or simply enabling the sports pages of red tops like The Sun or The Mirror to instantly come to life with match highlights.”

The Aurasma-enabled Spurs News app is available to download for just 69p for iPhone4 and iPad2 from the App Store. Spurs supporters who already have the news app simply need to accept the App update to automatically get the new Aurasma-enabled features.


1)     Visit your apps store and download the Official Spurs News App

2)     Open the app on your iPhone4 or iPad2 and simply point it at the Tottenham Hotspur Premier League shirt, Club badge or official 2011/2012 team photo

3)     Watch as the real word comes to life with exclusive Tottenham Hotspur video content


Aurasma is part of Autonomy, the UK’s largest software company, with over 20,000 global customers and offices worldwide. As part of the relationship which began in summer 2010, the Club are working with Autonomy across a wide range of activities including significant consultancy support for enhanced services to fans and for the Club’s new Stadium and Training Centre developments.

 [tr1]Link to Apps Store page

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