Champions League matchday 2:

The excitement was real for a top European clash between Tottenham Hotspur and Bayern Munich. We had a game for 45 minutes and then the Spurs completely exploded and Bayern Munich annihilated them 7-2. This is the worst ever loss in club’s history and it hurts badly to concede 7 goals at home when you had the 1-0 lead after just 12 minutes in!!

During the superb German glorious night in London, Serge Gnabry scored a quadruple and Lewandowski added another to be tied 5th best Champions League goal scorer with 56 goals in the competition.

Spurs must stay together

Coach Pochettino was baffled after the game and looks for his words in the press room:

“To stay calm is most important, to stay together. We started really well. After 30 minutes, no-one expected that final scoreline. They were very clinical in front of goal, every time they arrived, they scored.

The feeling is so bad, but we need to stay all together, to be strong all together and move on. We damaged our pride but now we need to stay together and from tomorrow, to think and move on.

It’s difficult to say something for our fans. We feel embarrassed for the result, but what I can say is that we feel as bad as they feel, very disappointed and we need to bounce back all together again.

German night

For coach Kovac and Bayern Munich, it was a night of glory:

Nobody could have dreamed of this. We knew what awaited us here. It was a very intense match, Tottenham put us under heavy pressure. We lacked aggression at first. You have to stand your ground when playing in England.

But the team did an extraordinary job from the 30th minute. The second goal before half-time was crucial of course. We played according to plan after the break. It was a moment of glory for German football, but we must turn our focus to the Bundesliga from tomorrow. We have ambitious goals this season, we want to achieve a lot.”

Gnabry on scoring his first, second, third and fourth goal in Champions League:

 “We turned in a superb performance, we always put them under pressure and never eased off, that’s why we achieved a result like this. It was a superb evening for us.

I’ve had to wait for my first Champions League goal for a long time, and yesterday I didn’t even dream of scoring four at once.”