MLS Cup Final: Toronto FC 2-0 Seattle Sounders

Toronto got their revenge after losing the MLS Cup to the Sounders last year, they finally won their first MLS Cup. What a year this has been for Toronto. The Canadians have dominated the league from start to end winning the Supporters’ Shiled and claimingfirst ever title to conclude the season. The game in a deadlock at half-time, turned around for Toronto when Altidore found the net with 25 minutes left before 

Toronto FC GM comments on the title:

“It means we’re the best ever, that’s what it means. From Greg [Vanney] to Michael [Bradley] and all the way down, throughout the entire year they had their eyes set on this. We didn’t talk about it vocally until we started to pick up momentum, pick up the Canadian Championship, but look at this board right here, we made this at the beginning of the year. This was always the goal. The Treble. We made this, this has been here since Day One, and we did it. The Canadian Championship, the Supporters’ Shield – tonight was the last part of it.

When we scored the first goal, it was a huge, huge relief. It was unlike anything I ever felt in my life. Then the final whistle, it was kind of surreal until I saw my mom and dad, to be honest. I hate to be corny, but they’ve helped me throughout all these years and helped me in tough times when it was the worst team in the world. They’ve been there to pick me back up and push me and I have to give thanks to them and people like my wife, who works here and is a huge, huge supporter of me. It has been tough and there have been times that you want to give up, but this makes it all worthwhile. I hate to be cliché, but I really do feel that way.”

Bradley on the win:

“This has been the dream for four years. Since the day I got here. And for the last year, the dream has become an obsession.

And for this group of guys to work every single day, having to remember last year, to get back here, to play that game, in this atmosphere, with that on the line, it’s unbelievable.”

Giovinco added:

“I’m so happy for the team, for the city, the fans. We deserved to win last year; we won this year. We are the best team. We confirm that we are the best.”

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