MLS week 24: Philadelphia Union 1-3 Toronto FC

Toronto delivered a solid performance with an easy road win 3-1. The victory enables the Canadians to stay head-to-head with leaders NYFC. Jozy Altidore scored the third goal just before the break as Toronto went on to control the second half of the match.

Coach Greg Vanney comments on the win

On the 3-1 win…

“We knew coming here; it was going to be a challenge for us. I have been impressed with Philly this year and I think they have a lot good players so knew this was going to be a challenge. I thought from our group, I thought we had a pretty solid performance in the first half. I thought the ball was moving quickly, we were finding the field, creating some opportunities and I thought we were solid in the first half. Second half became a little bit of an exercise a little of bit of locking it out and see if we can come of with something in transition. At the end of the day anytime you get three points in the league, it’s a good night, so we’ll take that and it’s an important time in the season, where all points matter and we see Philadelphia as a team who is a playoff contender and so it’s good for us to create some separation from them”.

On Jozy Altidore getting back into the lineup…

“Yeah it’s huge for us, Jozy is a big part of our team and he provides us with an outlet, he’s obviously a guy in front of the goal who can create opportunities for himself when he plays big like he did on that goal. He is also our target if we get out wide and we have to serve in front of the goal. And I think he draws a lot of attention, which allows Sebastien to find that little bit of extra space on the field. And I think they are both doing a great job looking for each other and combining with each other. He is massive and he is probably underrated in terms of the amount of defensive work that he gives us as a striker. He does a lot of work, he is responsible and he is always looking for ways he can help out the team”. 

On getting three points on the road…

“Yeah again, from my perspective and as team, we think that Philadelphia is one of those teams in the east that is going to be there when it is all said and done and I think it’s good for us to be able to come here on the road and the race is pretty tight in the east as well and if we dropped the three points today, they were going to be right on our tail. This is an opportunity that we were able to seize, you know create a little bit of distance between us and what I think is a very good team in Philadelphia, and also we harbor some ambition to win the east, it keeps us in touch with New York City right now, who is on top of the east. Like I said, winning on the road is very difficult in the league and I don’t know how much people really appreciate that and anytime we can come in and go against a team like Philadelphia and pick up three points on the road, then you take that every time”.

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