MLS: Chicago Fire 3-2 Toronto FC

Coach Toronto, Vanney reacts:

“We defended poorly,” Vanney said, bluntly, after the match via conference call. “Individually, at moments, we made some poor defending decisions and even collectively, we didn’t defend very well. I thought our good moments were very, very good but our bad moments were much too bad, if you will.

We got ourselves up 2-1, a position to regain control of the game and it happened again. We had a lapse, or a lack of intensity and urgency, and gave up a goal within two minutes.”

“When you have veteran guys back there, you know that moment after you score is a very urgent moment for the team that just got scored upon. You get a lot more communication, demanding, barking, moving guys around and getting guys engaged, to recognize that this is a moment where we all just need to defend.”

“It’s guys, for the team, trying to make a play and it turns out the way it did. Having said that, we need to be better at starting and finishing games with 11 players. We have to make better decisions defensively and that goes into our choice of tackles.”