by Mark Vincent Lincir

It doesn’t get any easier than it did on Thursday night in Toronto for Toronto FC. Simply kick the ball at the Philly goalie and watch him let it skip into the net. Then, get into the box and let him tackle your forward late to give up the game winning pk.

If there was a player screaming demotion louder than Philly’s goalkeeper Chris Seitz, I’d like to know who it is. Last week he cost them the game with a misque against D.C. United and last night he had TWO misques in Philly’s 2-1 road loss to Toronto.

It’s not a personal attack on Seitz…I’m sure he’s a great kid. But as a goalkeeper right now, he’s awful. The first goal that he let slip thru his hands should have had him headed straight for the bench. He’s a professional goalkeeper, he’s paid to handle shots that are hit right at him.

Nowak needs to make a move and bench Seitz now and give back up Brian Perk a chance or trade for an MLS proven commodity. It’s unfair to ask a team to defend in front of a goalkeeper that prone to the massive mistake. Whether it’s mental or physical…Philly needs to give Seitz some time on the bench to figure it out or move onto another profession. You see those types of mistakes in youth leagues around the country, not in the pros.

The game was far from beautiful and I did like how Preki is apparently bringing back some old school soccer with “kick them til they give you the ball” mentality that Toronto was employing in the first half. Philly’s veteran center back Dan Califf gets the bonehead play of maybe the season for forearm shivering Guzman to earn a red card when on replay it didn’t look like de Guzman would have gotten to the ball anyway.

Photo from fOTOGLIF

I love watching De Rosario play and love that he had real grass to play and love that he’s in Canada doing well…hopefully his team can follow suit and give their loyal fans something to be proud of (playoff team) up there this season. From the looks of their play last night, it’s going to be another tough season and a challenge to reach the playoffs.

I will absolutely be tuned into Philly’s games from here on out to see if Califf body slams anyone or breaks out any other WWE moves on unsuspecting strikers and also to see how many goals Chris Seitz gifts the other team. I’m not being mean, just being realistic…these guys are full paid pros. If they don’t want to get ragged on for it, stop doing it. It’s that simple.

The big match up this weekend is a Saturday night battle between MLS defending champs RSL heading into the Home Depot Center in LA to face a red hot (and it’s not even September yet) Los Angeles Galaxy…my prediction Galaxy 3 RSL 1.


  1. I would give you the hall pass since you are “Good Soccer Lagged”, but if the guy who wrote about Wolverhampton didnt mess up that story, I would of let you slide…but I cant let this slide.

    Philly did not lose the DC United match, the actually came back and won 3-2. You said he cost them the match…but he didnt.

    lets get it together over there!!!!

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