Toronto 2-2 LA Galaxy

post game reactions

Ryan Nelsen- Head Coach, Toronto FC

Do you feel like you let one get away?

Obviously when something like that happens, yes of course, but for sixty five minutes of the game I thought the guys were fantastic. When you look at the schedule that we had for the first four games they were extremely difficult games. The guys have shown that they are taking steps forward from the first game against Vancouver until now. I have to look at the bigger picture and the bigger picture is extremely positive.


Can you talk about the spark Luis Silva and Jonathan Osorio provided in the second half?

Both of them provided some energy and they are very good players, very creative and instinctive. They can handle the pressure and they played their part really well.


A bit of a rough day for Darel Russell.

I think Darel (Russell) did well. There are some days where things happen and that’s luck but his endeavor and he worked really hard. He never stopped and I think he did fine.


He (Darell Russel) played a big part in their equalizer.

Those things happen. He was in a good position, he just tried to clear it and it got him caught. Unfortunately it fell onto one of their guys. Could have fallen anywhere and have been cleared but that’s football. That’s life; we move on and learn from it.


Robert Earnshaw- Forward, Toronto FC


What are your thoughts on your goal?

I just reacted off of what the defense gave me. I saw Cudicini come out and I just thought obviously chip the ball really. It was more just instinct.


You played a big part in the second goal with the back heal over to Luis Silva. Do you practice these things?

No, not really, I just saw Luis (Silva) make the run, it was a great run and I thought I could back heal it into his path and hopefully he could carry on. He did brilliant, he made the chance with his tricks and crossed the ball and it was a great run by Osorio (Jonathan). I’m pleased for Osorio as well; I think it was his first ever goal, so that’s nice and he scored at the perfect time as well. It’s just disappointing obviously that we didn’t get the win from it.


Joe Bendik- Goalkeeper, Toronto FC


Thoughts on the back four?

I don’t think that they were giving up that many chances. One break down here and there is what’s costing us points.


Could you talk about both goals, they both seemed kind of preventable?

The first goal was extremely lucky, the guy completely miss hits it and catches everybody off guard. We have an opportunity to clear it away and it doesn’t happen giving them an opportunity to tap it in. The second goal, multiple things could have happened to prevent it and I know Russell is going to put his hand up and say that it’s his but at the same time there could have been many things that could have happened including with myself. Same thing happened against Vancouver, one let down and its costing us points but it’s early in the season and one thing we have to remember is that we are hanging with champions.


Bruce Arena- Head Coach, LA Galaxy


What did you think of Toronto FC? They’ve been showing sort of a new resolve under Ryan Nelsen?

They played hard for 90 minutes.  They really took their opportunities well in a game where they probably didn’t have that many attacking chances, but they are a team that’s playing for each other, they are well coached and I’m sure they are going to get better as the season goes on.


Talk about Jose (Villarreal) and his performance today?

It was a great goal and he’s good in the penalty area as demonstrated by his goal.  He’s a good young player, we need a little more consistency out of him. I thought Jack McBean played very well today.  So that’s encouraging seeing our young players playing well.


Can I ask you about Omar Gonzalez this week, he obviously he had a fantastic game

It was a long week.  He can see he was a little bit tired at the end.  It’s a lot of games and a lot of travel.   It’s not surprising his legs were heavy in the second half.


How impressed were you with him on Tuesday in Mexico?

He did well.  He had to run more today than he did on Tuesday in Mexico.  He did well, the whole team obviously as a defensive effort by the US team was outstanding.

Landon Donovan- Forward, LA Galaxy


On your return was it nice to get some minutes in the second half?

Yes, Bruce and I spoke a lot during the week.  Fitness wise I felt great.  Obviously I have a ways to go soccer wise.  But you got to get minutes to get better and so it was good to get some time today and obviously in the end it work out.  It was a good result.

Run through that chance you had again?

It was a great ball by Mike (Magee).  I thought the first touch was good and I went to shoot it and it was a little behind me so that’s the part that I need to get better and that will come as time goes on.


Is that one of those moments where you say I got a bit of work to do?

Oh yeah, I mean the whole game was like that.  I gave away a lot of passes that I wouldn’t normally give away.  I’m just not sharp in a soccer way and I’m probably going to need a week or two and then that will come back.


Was it fun being out there again?

It was.  It was a lot of fun.  I haven’t felt that way playing in a very long time.  That was the desired goal when I stepped away and it was nice to be back.